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Silver Shadow LightSwitch Shell

Our Silver Shadow LightSwitch Shell is a stunning, modern Shell that can be used in all of your professional Microsoft LightSwitch business apps. This highly polished shell can be customised with your own logo and text. The Shell also features additional built in functionality that help your business apps shine…

  • Automatic App Logo Placement
  • Automatic App Title Placement
  • Close all screens with a single click
  • Network detection and messaging
  • Logout button
  • Password Change
  • UI Splitter
  • Easily add your own logos and text in Shell header and footer
  • Full validation with Animated Validation Summary

All of the above settings can be controlled through one easy Shell Settings file that you simply import into to your LightSwitch app!

You will receive 3 versions of the shell. A version compiled using Visual Studio 2010 (Silverlight 4) and an additional identical version compiled using Visual Studio 2012 (Silverlight 5) and an additional identical version that is compatible with Visual Studio 2013.

Note: Its very simple to implement and use our shells. After you install the shell switch from “Logical View” to “File View” in Visual Studio. Then right click the “Client” folder and “Add Existing Item”. Choose the ShellSettings.cs file supplied. The file is fully commented and shows how to customise your Shell.

Silver Shadow LightSwitch Shell: $49.00 USD (Instant download)
(Silverlight 4 and 5 versions)

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